To improve the tumor localization during laparoscopic surgery, we describe an innovative technique involving superselective intra-arterial injection of blue dye in tumoral vessels to color the tumor before surgical enucleation. The dye injection was performed at the same time as superselective embolization, immediately before laparoscopic surgery in a hybrid operating room. We used this new treatment sequence on 50 consecutive patients. The selective intra-arterial injection of an emulsion of blue dye and lipiodol was feasible in 46 (92%) cases and well tolerated, followed by superselective embolization of the tumor vessels with glue or coils. The tumor was easily localized during surgery due to the blue coloration. Tumor coloration was not associated with postoperative complication, especially allergic reaction or renal failure. Pathologic analysis of the tumor was not modified by the coloration and all tumors had negative surgical margins. The preoperative dye localization is a feasible, safe, and accurate procedure. This combined approach reduces the difficulty of surgery and increases patient safety.