The sudden outburst of the novel coronavirus has worsened the lives of the people for the worse. However, there is a certain class of people, the scientists, who are bent on deciphering this virus in the best possible way. This is because of the sole reason that they want to connect the dots that showcase how the variables are interconnected in medical history. Therefore, they have taken ‘obesity’ as a new variable to research upon. The basic aim is to establish that obesity is linked to the death or cardiac arrest, especially during the dreadful times of coronavirus spread, wherein the immunity of the people has already been weakened.

To unravel the results, an attempt was made to hospitalize 2455 people who were already infected by the severe acute respiratory syndrome over the past 45 days. Therefore, the results highlighted that over the stretch of 7 days, 22 percent of the patients were intubated. While 25 percent of the people died. The remaining percentage of the population continued being hospitalized. Therefore, the results showcased that patients with obesity had a higher risk of being infected and hence intubated. They even had a greater possibility of their death.