PE is one of the most common causes of major maternal and fetal adverse events including mortality and preterm birth. The NLR and other hematologic indexes of systemic inflammation have been investigated in patients with PE for the prediction of the severity or presence of the disease. Despite these already existent studies on the understudied phenomenon, there was found no trials investigating the relationship between NLR and fetal outcomes in PE patients. In this study, the major purpose was to investigate the relationship between NLR and fetal outcomes.

In this study, the method was to retrospectively analyze the demographic data and laboratory tests to determine the NLR of 175 pregnant women with severe PE admitted to our clinic.

NLR in the first and second trimesters was not different between the groups, but third trimester NLR was significantly higher in patients with fetal loss. The area under the receiver operating characteristic curve for NLR in the third trimester was 0.66 and NLR > 3.9 predicted fetal loss with a sensitivity of 75% and a specificity of 61%.

The findings of this study demonstrated that third trimester NLR is associated with fetal loss in patients with severe PE.