Several people are losing their lives across the various parts of the world due to COVID-19. However, what matters the most is that the effects of the fatalities by theis coronavirus are not similar. There are variations in the manner in which this virus is affecting the world at large. There are variations in the manner in which this virus is taking a toll on the lives of the people worldwide. Therefore, it is essential to make a cross-border comparison and understand the true nature of this aspect in the best possible manner.

The changes could be seen in various parameters. These parameters include the difference of the severity of the virus seen across the different age groups, different sexual orientations and different immunity and metabolism systems. As a result of this comparison, this is quite evident that in the countries wherein there is a larger percent of the dependent population, or in other words, in the countries with a higher life expectancy, the chances of the fatalities due to COVID- 19 are higher. Also, it has been observed that the countries wherein the health immunity of the people is low, they are likely to get affected and hence die due to this disease.