Alzheimer’s Disease

Inflammation Drives Progression of Alzheimer’s | News Brief

According to a study by scientists of the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE) and the University of Bonn now published in the journal Nature, inflammatory mechanisms caused

Healthy Mitochondria Could Stop Alzheimer’s | News Brief

Still without cure, Alzheimer’s poses a significant burden on public health systems. Most treatments focus on reducing the formation of amyloid plaques, but these approaches have been

New Research Reveals High-Intensity Exercise Boosts Memory | News Brief

The health advantages of high-intensity exercise are widely known but new research from McMaster University points to another major benefit: better memory. The findings could have implications

Sleep Problems May be Early Sign of Alzheimer’s | News Brief

Poor sleep may be a sign that people who are otherwise healthy may be more at risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease later in life than people who

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Preserves Memory, Protects Brain Against Alzheimer’s | News Brief

The Mediterranean diet, rich in plant-based foods, is associated with a variety of health benefits, including a lower incidence of dementia. Now, researchers at the Lewis Katz

Penn Study Confirms: Declining Sense of Smell May Diagnose Early Alzheimer’s Disease | News Brief

Tests that measure the sense of smell may soon become common in neurologists’ offices. Scientists have been finding increasing evidence that the sense of smell declines sharply

Using herpes drugs to slow down Alzheimer’s disease could become reality | News Brief

The first clinical study to investigate if herpes virus drugs can have an effect on fundamental Alzheimer’s disease processes has been launched at Umeå University in Sweden.

Among antidementia drugs, memantine is associated with the highest risk of pneumonia | News Brief

Among users of antidementia drugs, persons using memantine have the highest risk of pneumonia, new research shows. The use of rivastigmine patches is associated with an increased

Ultra-long acting pill releases daily doses of medicine for a month | News Brief

Imagine swallowing a pill today that continues releasing the daily dose of a medicine you need for the next week, month or even longer. Investigators from Brigham

For women, caffeine could be ally in warding off dementia | News Brief

Among a group of older women, self-reported caffeine consumption of more than 261 mg per day was associated with a 36 percent reduction in the risk of

Findings to Help Radiologists ID Zika Virus Infection at Imaging | News Brief

Similar brain abnormalities seen in confirmed and presumed congenital Zika infections

Conference Highlights: AAIC 2016 | Feature

New research was presented at AAIC 2016, the annual Alzheimer’s Association International Conference, from July 22 to 28 in Toronto. The features below highlight some of the

Alzheimer’s Could Stem From Infections, New Study Suggests | Feature

Could it be that Alzheimer’s disease stems from the toxic remnants of the brain’s attempt to fight off infection? New research by a team of investigators at

Free CME Here, Get Your Free CME! | Medical Blog

For physicians practicing in most states (what gives, Indiana?), obtaining continuing medical education credits is a necessity, like it or not. For license registration, 54 boards require

Disability Among the Elderly | Medical Blog

The following depicts the population aged 65 and older by number of disabilities and age, based on data from 2008 to 2012.

Medicine 2064 | Medical Blog

Medicine 2064 With Dr. Daniel Kraft Curing half of the world’s known cancers, granting movement to the paralyzed, preventing Alzheimer’s. Visionary medical expert Dr. Daniel Kraft believes

Linking Vitamin D to Dementia | Medical Blog

Adults who were moderately deficient or severely deficient in vitamin D had a 53% and 125% increased risk of developing dementia, respectively, in the largest study examining

Actor Seth Rogen’s Senate Hearing on Alzheimer’s Research | Medical Blog

Actor/Director Seth Rogen appeared on Capitol Hill recently to speak before the Senate Committee on Appropriations about the rising costs of Alzheimer’s disease on Americans, and to address the

ACS 2013: Examining Hospital Readmission Rate Data | Medical Blog

The Particulars: Medicare reduces compensation rates for hospitals with high readmission rates. However, many hospitals can only track same-hospital readmissions. It has not been established if same-hospital

Assessing Alzheimer’s Mortality | Medical Blog

A report from the Alzheimer’s Association has found that deaths from Alzheimer’s disease have risen substantially since 2000.

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