Managing Older Adults With Mild Head Injuries | News Brief

CT scans do not appear to be necessary for adults presenting to the ED with mild head injuries (MHIs). In a retrospective study of patients with MHI

Managing Cognitive Decline in Older Adults With Diabetes | Feature

Older diabetic patients who have cognitive dysfunction should receive adjusted care that involves simplified treatment regimens and frequent surveillance.

Managing Delirium Among Elderly Patients in the ED | Feature

Studies suggest that emergency physicians are often challenged by identifying and diagnosing delirium in older patients. Gaining a better understanding of delirium may help emergency physicians improve the management of these elderly patients.

Protecting Older, Vulnerable Patients From the Flu | Feature

When considering influenza vaccine resources for the season, it’s important to offer a variety of vaccine options and newer delivery systems.

Goal Setting for Older Adults With Diabetes | Feature

To successfully manage type 2 diabetes in older adults, clinicians must recognize and understand the unique challenges these individuals face. While the benefits of tight glycemic control

Complication Rates With Nephrectomy in Octogenarians | News Brief

Morbidity appears to be significant in patients older than 80 who undergo nephrectomy for renal cell carcinoma, according to results from a small French analysis. For all

Examining the Health Status of Older Americans | News Brief

A report from the Federal Interagency Forum on Aging-Related Statistics has found that Americans who live to 65 are likely to live an average of 19.2 additional

Comorbidities in Hip Fracture: Costs & Improving Care Delivery | Feature

Comorbidities have a significant effect on the costs of hospitalization and length of stay following hip fractures. Developing a better understanding of the comorbidities that affect hip-fracture patients may help to improve strategies for providing more effective care.

New Guidelines on Osteoporosis in Men | Medical Blog

This week, the Endocrine Society issued guidelines on managing osteoporosis in men. Published in the June 1, 2012 issue of Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, the

Managing Diabetes in Older Adults | Feature

Diabetes is an important health condition for the aging population. Different treatment approaches may be necessary to optimize management of the disease in older adults.

Improving Boomeratric Care Services | Opinion Article

The population of baby boomers and geriatric adults—the “boomeratric”™ generation—is continuing to increase in the United States. Implementing initiatives such as a geriatric fracture care program can lead to significant healthcare cost savings and reductions in future hospitalizations while streamlining the continuum of care.

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