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#PWChat Recap: 3D Printing in Medicine | Feature

Physician’s Weekly co-hosted another installment of the #PWChat series on Tuesday, March 6, with PW blogger Lars Brouwers, MD, PhD-candidate. He recently drove to Africa to deliver 3D-printed hands

Many PICCs Placed Have Dwell Time of No More Than Five Days | Feature

Among patients with short-term peripherally inserted central catheter, about 1 in 10 has a complication

Vaccine Exposure in First 23 Months Has No Adverse Impact | Feature

Vaccine antigen exposure doesn’t differ for those with, without later non-vaccine-targeted infections

FDA Approves First Screening Tests for Tickborne Parasite | Feature

Babesia microti screening tests will help reduce risk of transfusion-transmitted infection

Communication and Integration in Emergency Care: Has Anything Changed in 30 Years? | Feature

Thirty years ago, hospital emergency departments and ambulance services experienced many issues and shortcomings when it came to timely communication, as well as integration of patient care processes. We take a look at what has changed since then and will follow-up with a live #PWChat on Feb 28 at 3pm Eastern to discuss.

MACRA: Proceed With Confidence at the Point of Care | Feature

We’ve been living in a MACRA world for some time now, and yet most physicians still aren’t ready—or even close to ready—for this new reality. As if

Creating Efficiency in the Patient Journey | Feature

The transformation to value-based care has placed tremendous focus on delivery of care as it relates to improving patient outcomes, quality, and safety. And for good reason;

Expert-Based Opinions: A Supplement to, Not a Replacement for, Evidence-Based Content | Feature

Nationally recognized and highly regarded health systems have a variety of ways to expand the reach of their “special sauce.” For some, it’s to launch outpatient centers

Are Edible QR Codes the Medicine of the Future? | News Brief

For the last 100 years, researchers have constantly pushed the boundaries for our knowledge about medicine and how different bodies can respond differently to it. However, the

Biodegradable Sensor Could Help Doctors Monitor Serious Health Conditions | News Brief

UConn engineers have created a biodegradable pressure sensor that could help doctors monitor chronic lung disease, swelling of the brain, and other medical conditions before dissolving harmlessly

Improving Stroke Treatment Through Machine Learning | News Brief

Methods from optogenetics and machine learning should help improve treatment options for stroke patients. Researchers from Heidelberg University have developed a computer vision technique to analyze the

Dutch physician Lars Brouwers driving to Africa to deliver 3D printed hands | News Brief spoke with PW blogger Lars Brouwers back in December about his upcoming trip to bring 3D prints to underserved populations throughout northwestern Africa. Check back here soon for a recap of Dr. Brouwers's full trip!

Scientists Discover Molecule that Could Reverse Cellular Aging | News Brief

Researchers at Instituto de Medicina Molecular (iMM) João Lobo Antunes have found that manipulating a single RNA molecule is enough to reverse cellular aging. Throughout time all

Successful Implantation of Heart Pump with Power Cable Behind Ear | News Brief

Under the system to provide medical treatment to end-stage heart failure patients, a group that is ineligible for heart transplantation, in response to their requests, Osaka University

3D Printing an Osteoporotic Mandible to Aid in Surgery | Medical Blog

Together with maxillofacial surgeon, Erik Nout, MD, DDS, PhD, I prepared a stereolithography file of the above 3D-printed mandible. Speaking about the 3D print, Dr. Nout says: “The 3D-printed

Using Nanoparticles for Faster, More Accurate Cancer Detection | News Brief

Using light-emitting nanoparticles, Rutgers University-New Brunswick scientists have invented a highly effective method to detect tiny tumors and track their spread, potentially leading to earlier cancer detection

Beating Heart Patch is Large Enough to Repair the Human Heart | News Brief

Biomedical engineers at Duke University have created a fully functioning artificial human heart muscle large enough to patch over damage typically seen in patients who have suffered

Digital Scan of the Eye Provides Accurate Picture of a Person’s General Health | News Brief

Personalized medicine or “precision medicine” is the most significant trend in 21st century medicine. “It’s all about the right treatment for the right patient at the right

3D Printing Aids Fistulotomy | Medical Blog

Dr. Brouwers, with the help of colleague David Zimmerman, MD, explains how 3D printing of a perianal fistula internal opening makes for easy assessment of treatment options and patient education.

3D Printing a Q Fever-Infected Aortic Aneurysm | Medical Blog

Aortic infection is a rare, but severe condition. Primary infection with Coxiella burnetii bacteria in patients with chronic Q fever is notorious in the southern part of

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