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Semper Fidelis, Again | Medical Blog

When he was 23 years old, he’d wanted to die. It was 2005. He was a Marine, a Corporal, and was lying alone in a hospital bed

Do Video Recordings Help or Hurt Doctors? | Medical Blog

"In the end, the recording vindicated the trauma team and confirmed their version of events. All good. But what troubled me was the rapidity with which the peer review wall was breached."

Recertification Blues: A Useless Exam | Medical Blog

"Taking a three-hour exam every 10 years is a poor way to assess my competence as a surgeon, and given the type of questions I saw on the exam, it doesn’t even seem a good way to evaluate my basic knowledge of my craft. "

Surgery: Things Left Behind | Medical Blog

"Despite checklists, protocols, and honest, earnest effort, sometimes things go wrong."

EMR Alerts: Crying Wolf | Medical Blog

"Each of these alerts may seem like a good idea, but they are given equal weight in the EMR, so that the fatal interaction alert looks the same as the warning that ibuprofen should be given with food."

Too Old to Operate? | Medical Blog

" In most cases, age is not the sole limiting factor. One must take into account the disease process, the prognosis with and without surgery, and the patient’s own understanding of risks and benefits."

It Ain’t What You Don’t Know… | Medical Blog

"Sometimes medics do the right thing for the wrong reasons. Sometimes trauma surgeons can get misled by what they think they know. Mark Twain is credited with saying, 'It ain’t what you don’t know that can hurt you, it’s what you know that just ain’t so.'"

High Expectations & Physician Suicide | Medical Blog

"Displays of emotion, except under tightly circumscribed control, are seen as weakness and as ‘unprofessional’. So we cover up pain and uncertainty, limit our responses to well rehearsed bromides, and box up our regrets like toxic waste to be buried or locked away never to be seen again."

Just Culture? Just Kidding. | Medical Blog

"This admitting fault and taking responsibility wasn’t ‘punitive’ as has been asserted by the Just Culture proponents. The concept of Forgive and Remember was a strong backbone to the process."

Operating on One of Our Own | Medical Blog

"It’s inevitable that someone you know will appear in your trauma unit. The rules for family members are clear: hands off and call your back-up. But friends and acquaintances are not covered by any rules."

Reconnecting With Those Who Inspired You | Medical Blog

"We never know how much influence our everyday actions may have on others. Some of the people who inspired or motivated me may have had no idea that they had done so."

Trauma Surgeons: Lifeguards at the Shallow End? | Medical Blog

"The trauma service these days consists mainly of babysitting recovering orthopedic and neurosurgical patients."

Age and the Trauma Surgeon | Medical Blog

"There was a time when I could do this for weeks at a time and still have the energy to play or go out with my wife. Now I drag home at the end of my off day and collapse into a snoring heap."

Hello Darkness My Old Friend | Medical Blog

"Somehow my worth as a person has gotten all mixed up with my worth as a surgeon. There seems no separation or balance anymore."

Contracts | Medical Blog

" BigHealth has made the hospital a hostile environment for the solo private practitioner. They have almost completely driven out the Internists. They are limiting the freedoms of the General Surgeon, and have made specialists into mere technicians."

Dancing in the OR | Medical Blog

I was not having a good morning. I had just come off Trauma call—a difficult 24hr shift that was finally behind me. I had finished a long

Sphincter Blues | Medical Blog

“One of life’s underappreciated pleasures is the filling and emptying of one’s hollow viscus.” —attributed to Samuel Johnson, but maybe not. Admit it, we all love filling

A Question About Today’s Standard of Care | Medical Blog

"Is it acceptable for postop care to be handled by the surgical PA with medical management by the Hospitalist?"

Anyone Can Become Angry, That’s Easy | Medical Blog

" Yelling at the staff doesn’t make them work harder or smarter; it just makes them dislike working with you. "

Touch | Medical Blog

"The value of the therapeutic touch is being marginalized by the pressures of time and the diffusion of responsibility through the emphasis on team care."

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