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Conference Highlights: CHEST 2015

New research was presented at CHEST 2015, the annual International Scientific Assembly of the American College of Chest Physicians, from October 24 to 28 in Montreal, Canada.

No Life Limited by Pain 2015 | Feature

New research was presented at No Life Limited by Pain 2015, the annual meeting of the American Academy of Pain Management, from September 17 to 20 in

Conference Highlights: NLA 2015 | Feature

New research was presented at NLA 2015, the National Lipid Association’s annual scientific sessions, from June 11 to 14 in Chicago. The features below highlight some of

ADA 2015 | Feature

New research was presented at ADA 2015, the annual scientific sessions of the American Diabetes Association, from June 5 to 9 in Boston. The features below highlight

AAN 2015 | Conference Coverage

New research was presented at AAN 2015, the American Academy of Neurology’s annual meeting, from April 18 to 25 in Washington, DC. The features below highlight some

ISET 2015 | Conference Coverage

New research was presented at ISET 2015, the annual International Symposium on Endovascular Therapy, from January 31 to February 4 in Hollywood, FL. The features below highlight

CHEST 2014: Adding ECMO to CPR | Conference Coverage

The Particulars: Research indicates that less than 50% of sudden cardiac death patients survive with conventional cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and less than 20% survive to hospital discharge.

International Stroke Conference 2014 | Conference Coverage

New research is being presented at the ISC 2014, the annual International Stroke Conference, from February 12 to 14 in San Diego.

Obesity Week 2013: Gastric Bypass Decreases Stroke & MI Risk in Diabetics | Conference Coverage

The Particulars: Previous research has shown that many patients with diabetes who undergo gastric bypass can experience remission of their diabetes along with significant weight loss. The

Swedish Obese Subjects Study Findings on 15-Year Diabetes Remission and Relapse Rates After Bariatric Surgery | Conference Coverage

Overview • Nearly 72 percent of patients with obesity and diabetes achieved diabetes remission at two years, compared with 16.4 percent of non-surgical patients • After 15

Bariatric Surgery Hospital Readmission and Infection Rates Drop Dramatically After Implementation of New Protocols | Conference Coverage

ATLANTA, GA – NOV. 14, 2013 – The bariatric program at Stanford University saw hospital readmission rates drop by 75 percent and surgical-site infections decline by 60

Amniotic Stem Cells Show Promise in Helping to Repair Cardiac Birth Defects | Conference Coverage

WASHINGTON, DC—Researchers at the University of Michigan Department of Surgery have begun testing an alternative to embryonic stem cells that could one day regenerate muscle tissue for

Researchers Identify a Protein that May Predict Who Will Have Thyroid Cancer Recurrence | Conference Coverage

WASHINGTON, DC— Researchers at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Bethesda, MD, have taken the first steps to determine if a protein, called Programmed Death Ligand 1

Contralateral Prophylactic Mastectomy May Not Significantly Increase Life Expectancy in Women with Early-Stage Breast Cancer | Conference Coverage

WASHINGTON, DC—Women with early-stage breast cancer in one breast are increasingly opting to undergo a more aggressive operation to remove both breasts called contralateral prophylactic mastectomy (CPM).

Colon Polyps in Elderly Patients Are More Likely to Develop in Areas Seen Only with Colonoscopy | Conference Coverage

WASHINGTON, DC—People over 60 years old are more likely to have precancerous or cancerous polyps develop in a part of the colon that goes unseen by flexible

Surgeons Report Two New Approaches to Lessen Postoperative Pain and Reduce Use of Prescription Painkillers | Conference Coverage

WASHINGTON, DC—New combinations of postoperative pain treatment decreased both pain and the use of narcotic pain relievers according to two studies presented this week at the 2013

Patients with Poor Nutritional Status Before Cystectomy Have a Higher Risk of Postoperative Complications | Conference Coverage

WASHINGTON, DC—Patients with bladder cancer are two times more likely to have complications after a radical cystectomy procedure if they have a biomarker for poor nutritional status

University of Michigan Surgeon Brings Laparoscopic Cholecystecomy to Nicaragua | Conference Coverage

WASHINGTON, DC—A University of Michigan surgeon has found a way to successfully perform laparoscopic gallbladder removal in Nicaragua, despite limited clinical resources and poor operating room conditions.

ASE 2013: Outcomes of Infants with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome | Conference Coverage

Minneapolis, MN: Researchers have announced the results of a retrospective 5-year study, which shows that echocardiography can be useful in identifying new strategies for combatting the growth

ASE 2013: New Correlation for Increased Mortality Associated with TAVR | Conference Coverage

Minneapolis, MN: Researchers have announced the results of a study which shows a key difference in the patient’s baseline heart size and function following Transcatheter Valve Replacement

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