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California’s Highest Covid Infection Rates Shift to Rural Counties

As vaccination rates rise across the state, the overall numbers of covid cases and deaths have plunged. But health officials are still reporting nearly 1,000 new cases and more than two dozen deaths a day. So, where does covid continue to simmer in California? And why?

Covid-19: 1-in-3 Patients Reported Long-Hauler Symptoms

Lingering fatigue, loss of taste and smell reported most often Close to a third of people who experienced mild to moderate Covid-19 symptoms during the acute phase of the illness had lingering symptoms 7 to 9 months later,...

Covid’s Lingering Effects Can Put the Brakes on Elective Surgeries

Even after recovering from covid, many patients experience respiratory or other problems and, since this effect of the virus is so unpredictable, medical experts aren’t sure when it is safe to undergo elective surgery. But medical experts are setting up guidelines.



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