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The Burnout Paradox: Why Are We Still Surprised? | Feature

If you go to medical school, you will be stressed—bigly. It should not come as a surprise. Two posts on the Kevin MD website highlight the problems

System errors, human errors, and common sense | Medical Blog

  “It was a system failure.” That’s what United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz said in an interview with ABC News about the recent incident involving the violent

Results: Majority of People Think You Should Not Respond to Comments on Social Media | Feature

The world of social media – good or bad – has given everyone with a computer or smartphone a platform and a voice. In the healthcare world,

Finding Telemedicine’s Niche | Medical Blog

There are certainly times where I probably don’t need to make a patient physically come in to the office. As part of trying to figure out where

Will robots ever be able to perform surgery independently? | Medical Blog

Will robots ever be able to perform surgery independently? And if they can, should they? In my last post, I wrote about some unresolved issues with driverless

Doctor Curmudgeon®: Burn, Baby, Burn! | Medical Blog

Doctor Curmudgeon has found the perfect way to file paperwork: simply set it on fire.   The fire is warm and lovely to look at…at least to

Perfecting the Post-Visit Procedure | Medical Blog

After-visit calls aren’t working; what can be done instead? Right outside of my office door is one of the workstations where our medical technicians perform one of

Who Has Grit? Cutting Resident Attrition Rates | Medical Blog

What is grit? In an article in The Guardian, Angela Duckworth, a psychologist often called the guru of grit, defined it as the commitment to finish what

Bridging the Doctor Patient Divide | Medical Blog

Patients are becoming increasingly disgruntled in our current healthcare system. Doctors and other healthcare professionals are equally disenfranchised.  Doctors struggle to practice quality medical care while outside

When the Patient Visit Gets Dangerous | Medical Blog

"Patients walk into our exam rooms off the streets. They do not go through metal detectors or get asked to search their bags."

How should patients who arrive late be handled? | Feature

Traffic comes to a complete stop. Although this may not seem like such an unusual thing in New York City, during the week of the United Nations

Why can’t more doctors apologize for mistakes? | Medical Blog

“The unintended consequences of these seemingly well-intentioned laws are doctors who can’t apologize for harming their patients even if they want to…” A recent JAMA article about

Shocker: Hospitalists’ “Unprofessional” Behavior Is Normal | Medical Blog

A recent paper assesses medical hospitalists’ participation in "unprofessional behaviors," but are they really that scandalous? Stay tuned for the inevitable corrective actions...

Can you trust online physician ratings? | Medical Blog

Many people believe you can. But here’s what a recent article in the Harvard Business Review (HBR) about the reliability of online user ratings regarding buying a

Mystery solved: Keep your white coats. And your sleeves. | Medical Blog

My research staff recently came across a paper that directly addressed this problem. As they say on the Internet, “The results will make your jaw drop.” The