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New Survey: Doctors Share State of Healthcare in 2018 | Medical Blog

Over 2017, many legislative efforts were put forth by lawmakers to heal the ailing US healthcare system. And many more have been announced and/or are in the

Calling Responsible Parties to Task for their Role in the Opioid Epidemic | Medical Blog

PW blogger and regular #PWChat Tweetchat co-host Linda Girgis, MD, FAAFP, take a thorough look at the opioid epidemic, including how we got to this point and what can be done to turn things around.

Why Doctors Are Losing the Public’s Trust | Feature

"The public is losing their trust in us. They see us as driven for profit. They feel we don’t listen to their concerns anymore and don’t care what they want or need."

Calling on the Surgeon General: What Americans Need Most | Medical Blog

By Linda Girgis, MD, FAAFP

What are the Implications of the 21st Century Cures Act? | Medical Blog

  On December 13, 2016, President Obama signed the 21st Century Cures Act into law. While the overwhelming majority supported this act, many others expressed their concerns

Bridging the Doctor Patient Divide | Medical Blog

Patients are becoming increasingly disgruntled in our current healthcare system. Doctors and other healthcare professionals are equally disenfranchised.  Doctors struggle to practice quality medical care while outside

When the Patient Visit Gets Dangerous | Medical Blog

"Patients walk into our exam rooms off the streets. They do not go through metal detectors or get asked to search their bags."

The Mission inside Each of Us | Medical Blog

A few weeks ago, I spent a week working with the Floating Doctors in their medical mission in Bocas Del Toro, Panama. We traveled by boat to

What Role Does Spirituality Play in Medicine? | Medical Blog

While training to be doctors, most of us learned that professional ethics dictate that we not encroach our beliefs on our patients. When a person seeks healthcare,

We Need to Stand United on Herd Immunity | Medical Blog

We should hold those responsible for spreading false medical information accountable for their actions. Rumors and falsities abound regarding immunizations. Many people refuse to vaccinate their children

Don’t Build That Wall, At Least Not in Medicine | Medical Blog

While certain politicians pontificate about building a wall to separate the US from surrounding countries, people passionately debate the issue. Doctors are included in this and arguments

The Doctor in the Mirror | Medical Blog

“Many people see doctors and see arrogance or greed. Others see caring souls. The doctor in the mirror sees a broken soul and carries much suffering.” –

Child Abuse Awareness Month: Fighting the Monster Under the Bed | Medical Blog

"As healthcare professionals we are bound by duty to report suspected cases and help these kids. But even the medical community often fails in this regard."

Healthcare CSI: Our Patients the Victims | Medical Blog

The crime scene is the US healthcare system scattered in clinics, private practices, and hospitals throughout the country. The system lies in tatters on the ground with

Fighting the Dr. Oz World | Medical Blog

While I would probably earn much more money selling a magic weight loss pill or a mystical cream that vanishes wrinkles, I need to be a doctor first.

Turning Our Residents into Minions | Medical Blog

As doctors, we can all remember the attending doctors who struck fear in our hearts or the senior residents who turned us into their personal scut slaves.

Choose to Make a Difference | Medical Blog

"We don’t need to spend days ladling out food in the soup kitchen and traveling overseas to an impoverished land. We can make a difference every single day in the everyday life that we live."

Ending Futile Care: When it is Time to Say Goodbye | Medical Blog

"Doctors must become comfortable initiating these talks with patients and their family members. And foremost before everyone should be the patient’s wishes. Doctors like to give hope. But we are also expected to give honesty. "

Men Get Breast Cancer Too | Medical Blog

Breast cancer is not just a “women’s disease.” It affects men as well, and we should step up and treat those afflicted with more understanding and less judgment.

Why We Need Price Transparency from Pharma | Medical Blog

People in the US watched in outrage when Turing Pharmaceuticals increased the price of Daraprim from $13.50 a pill to $750, a 5,000% increase. Daraprim is a

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