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The Art of Giving Bad News | Medical Blog

In my medical training, I never received any training on how to tell the patient bad news. The art of it has evolved over years of practice. This is perhaps one of the hardest jobs a doctor does.

How Online Medical Crowdsourcing Helped Save a Life | Medical Blog

"There are many advantages to medical crowdsourcing. It truly has the potential to save lives all across the world. The days of playing phone tag to try to get a curbside consult are finished. "

Where Big Data Does Not Exist | Medical Blog

"I much rather deal with the regulatory hassles than see people go without medical care because it is not available to them. I much rather fight the unreasonable meaningful use mandates than to have no records at all. Big Data and all, the US system beats all."

Calif. Vaccine Bill Bans Personal, Religious Exemptions | Medical Blog

California has recently joined 32 other states that don't allow parents to opt out of vaccination requirements. Opponents to the controversial decision are speaking out, including celebrities, again.

Is Marcus Welby Medicine Dead? | Medical Blog

"You know the type where a doctor is in a small practice and knows all his patients, even what positions their kids play on the baseball team and what grades they got in math."

Is the AMA Really the Voice of Physicians in the US? | Medical Blog

"Doctors have no organization that truly represents what we are going through and none to drive truly beneficial reform. "

The War on Doctors & Destruction of Healthcare | Medical Blog

Walking the hospital corridors, many of the comments I overhear patients and others speaking about doctors often amazes me. On this day, I took notice to the

The Cult of Dr. Oz Crumbles | Medical Blog

"Viewers have no way of knowing what is real medicine and what is his own cult medicine. They are likely to become victims of this pseudoscience without more expert information."

Doctors Cry Too | Medical Blog

"The media gives the image of doctors driven by profit and not caring so much about the people that are their patients. But we do care and our hearts often weep for our patients."

My War with the Anti-Vaxxers | Medical Blog

"For me, vaccines are not a belief system as it seems it has become for many, but rather a life-saving weapon in our fight to save children’s lives. "

Why Silicon Valley Should Embrace Doctors | Medical Blog

"While many software and data healthcare businesses succeed, their success depreciates because they have not captured their end users of their products."

The Paucity of Doctor Leaders in Medicine | Medical Blog

"There is a true lack of physician leaders in medicine these days—and there has never been a time when we need physician leaders more. Many of us feel that we have lost control of our profession and are increasingly being forced to follow others’ protocols."

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