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Who Has Grit? Cutting Resident Attrition Rates | Medical Blog

What is grit? In an article in The Guardian, Angela Duckworth, a psychologist often called the guru of grit, defined it as the commitment to finish what

Bridging the Doctor Patient Divide | Medical Blog

Patients are becoming increasingly disgruntled in our current healthcare system. Doctors and other healthcare professionals are equally disenfranchised.  Doctors struggle to practice quality medical care while outside

Should patients bail out when their doctor is burned out? | Feature

Google “physician burnout epidemic,” and you will find quite a few articles and blog posts on the subject. By all accounts, physician burnout is getting worse. Causes

The Unique Surgeon & Anesthesiologist Relationship | Feature

“Just started,” an attending anesthesiologist welcomed me into the OR. Everything was new to me – the dim lights, blue gowns, beeping of the pulse ox machine.

Wrong Body Cremated: ID’ing Patients By More Than a Name | Medical Blog

The wrong body was cremated by the county coroner’s office in Los Angeles. Jorge Hernandez died of an overdose, and the body of another Jorge Hernandez, an

A tube misconnection and a death: a medical whodunit | Feature

Here’s what we know. In September 2016, a 72-year-old former member of the Australian national soccer team suffered what must have been an extremely painful death when

Doctor Curmudgeon® Coming to a hospital near you…SOON | Feature

This is a scary scenario. Please grab some wine or chocolate or whatever you need, before reading this. It really can happen, even in my lifetime. I

When the Patient Visit Gets Dangerous | Medical Blog

"Patients walk into our exam rooms off the streets. They do not go through metal detectors or get asked to search their bags."

The Elements of Doctor-Patient Privilege | Feature

There are some societal goals that are considered so important that the law gives them extra protection.  The ability of a penitent person to confess to a

DOCTOR CURMUDGEON®: How to Drive Your Doctor Nuts | Medical Blog

SCENES: As usual in some exam room, happening all over the land, all the time and causing stress, hair loss, anxiety, irritability and other things in physicians…

Unmatched Graduate: “Med Schools to Blame” | Feature

The following was submitted as a series of comments on my Physician’s Weekly post about Missouri’s new law allowing medical school graduates who did not match into

How should patients who arrive late be handled? | Feature

Traffic comes to a complete stop. Although this may not seem like such an unusual thing in New York City, during the week of the United Nations

The Mission inside Each of Us | Medical Blog

A few weeks ago, I spent a week working with the Floating Doctors in their medical mission in Bocas Del Toro, Panama. We traveled by boat to

Disclosing Your Own Errors: How, When & Why | Medical Blog

So, do you have to tell a patient if you make an error in their care and, if so, under what circumstances? Dr. MedLaw discusses what advantages

Widening the Scope of Practice | Medical Blog

Dr. Pelzman discusses the challenge of involving nurses and other healthcare professionals into the current scope of practice so they can do more of what they love.

Parking lot needlestick yields $4.6 million payout | Medical Blog

A jury awarded a woman $4,618,500 for a needlestick injury she sustained in the parking lot of Target. Skeptical Scalpel shares his opinions. A South Carolina jury

Becoming a Better Leader – in a Week | Medical Blog

Reward or punishment? Sometimes it’s hard to tell, as I have been sent off to an “Executive Leadership” conference this week, where we are spending long hours

Capture the Critical Driver of Your Practice’s Financial Success: Physician Time | Feature

Pop Quiz: What were you doing during the financial presentation at your last board meeting?

Why can’t more doctors apologize for mistakes? | Medical Blog

“The unintended consequences of these seemingly well-intentioned laws are doctors who can’t apologize for harming their patients even if they want to…” A recent JAMA article about

How to Deal With Another Doctor’s Error – and Minimize Liability | Medical Blog

Our expert provides legal guidance for the three scenarios you may be confronted with when dealing with another doctor’s error. 1. When you and the other doctor

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