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COVID-19 and the Diabetes Effect

With the sudden outbreak of the novel coronavirus, there has been an increasing threat imposed over the existing medical industry. This is because of the reason that the medical industry of the entire world is still not in the...

The High Cost of Diabetes Drugs

People are becoming health conscious these days. They are getting so much concerned about the health that there is a very bleak possibility that the people will leave any stone unturned in order to cure their health. Therefore,...

The Outbreak of COVID-19 and Effects on Diabetes Ulcer Foot

There has been a huge amount of conundrum which has been surfacing the increasing tendency of people living a life of tension since the last outbreak of coronavirus. This is because of the reason that it has made the world...

Effects of Six Months of Flash Glucose Monitoring

There have been efforts made to investigate the new concept altogether. Therefore, the person is now entitled to investigate the scanned and continuous glucose monitoring which is able to improve glycemic control compared with...



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