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Small Link for Cannabis Use, Reduced Cognitive Functioning

Small overall effect size for frequent and heavy cannabis use among adolescents, young adults

AAN: New Drug May Help Infants With Spinal Muscular Atrophy

RG7916 increases survival motor neuron protein level, with 6.5-fold increase noted with highest dose

AAN: Erenumab Shows Promise for Hard-to-Treat Migraine

Higher proportion of patients achieved a ≥50 percent reduction in mean monthly migraine days

Lasting Outcome Similar for ULS, SSLF for Pelvic Organ Prolapse

No significant differences between peri-op behavioral muscle training and usual care at five years

Adults Using Benzodiazepines More Likely to Receive Opioid Rx

Increase in new opioid prescriptions for U.S. adults using benzodiazepines stopped in 2010

Most Smokers With Head and Neck Cancer Have Tried to Quit

Eighty-eight percent of patients had made at least one attempt to quit; mean of 6.6 lifetime attempts

Prescribing of Gluten-Free Foods Declining in England

Substantial variation in prescribing practices seen by locality of practice

Opioids Tied to Adverse Outcomes in Hemodialysis Patients

Increased risks of altered mental status, falls, and fractures; risk present even at low doses of opioids

First Opioid Lawsuit Targeting Pharmacy Benefit Managers

First lawsuit mentions three largest PBMs; PBMs likely to be increasingly targeted in litigation

Delayed Coronary Obstruction Rare After TAVR

But DCO after transcatheter aortic valve replacement tied to 50 percent in-hospital mortality rate

Less Pain Post TKA With Addition of Peripheral Nerve Blocks

Lower numeric rating scale pain scores on ambulation on postoperative days zero, one, and two

Hearing Aids May Mitigate Cognitive Decline, Memory Loss

Use of hearing aids tied to better episodic memory scores in longitudinal study

Number of Cigarettes Smoked Daily Tied to Stroke Risk

Among men younger than 50, more cigarettes smoked linked to increased risk of ischemic stroke

Gene Therapy Found to Be Promising for β-Thalassemia

CD34+ cells transduced with BB305 vector lowered or eliminated need for red-cell transfusions

Time-Related Deployment Factors Predict Suicide Attempt Risk

Suicide attempt risk increased for deployment within first 12 months, dwell time of six months or less

Artificial Pancreas Treatment Efficacious for Type 1 Diabetes

Increased time in the near normoglycemic range and reduced time in hypo- and hyperglycemia

Self-Regulation Interventions Beneficial for Children

Improvement in academic, health, and behavioral outcomes in most intervention groups

New Drug Combo Ups Survival in HER2/neu Uterine Serous Cancer

Adding intravenous trastuzumab to carboplatin-paclitaxel increased progression-free survival

Young Adults With T1DM Show Muscle Metabolic Deficiencies

Lower mitochondrial oxidative capacity in skeletal muscle of physically active young adults with T1DM

CDC: Asian U.S. Mothers More Likely to be Older, Married

Non-Hispanic Asian mothers are more educated; some characteristics vary by subgroup, place of birth

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