Emergency Medicine

Corticosteroids Linked to Worse Outcome in Facial Palsy

Worse facial function outcomes for patients with Lyme disease-associated facial palsy

Objective Criteria ID Those With No Chance of Survival in OHCA

Three objective criteria identify patients with no chance of survival after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

Most Patients Taking Opioids Open to Receiving Naloxone Rx

More than a third of patients reported beneficial behavior changes

Collaborative Care Helps Ease Persistent Concussion Symptoms

Adolescents with lingering effects may need cognitive behavioral therapy, too

Parents Often Make Dosing Errors With Liquid Medications

Parents make fewer mistakes using oral syringes compared to cups

Reports of Fatal Anaphylaxis With IV Iron Products

Seventy-nine cases of anaphylactic reactions linked to ferumoxytol, of which 18 were fatal

Pregnancy Screens Lacking for Teens With Leukemia

Low rates for teens with acute leukemia and ER visits before teratogenic exposures

Number of Youth Soccer Injuries Up Over Last 25 Years

Concussion rate jumped almost 1,600 percent in same time period