Infectious Disease

Human Rhinovirus Commonly Detected in Febrile Infants

HRV presence does not alter risk of UTI; 29 to 90 day olds with HRV less likely to have bacterial infection

Psoriasis Remission Described After Hepatitis C Virus Treatment

Case report: After initiation of ledipasvir-sofosbuvir, HCV RNA decreased, and skin lesions improved

Non-Ventilator Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia Risk Affects All Ages

Non-vent-associated HAP risk occurs in all hospital units; risk extends even to low-risk/younger patients

AMA Online Tools Address Systems-Level Physician Burnout

Strategies include team-based care model, enhanced communication, float pools, and wellness metrics

Progress in Fighting Antibiotic Resistance Shown in CDC Map

Antibiotic resistance investment map shows states’ progress in combating antibiotic resistance

Economic Impact of Physicians Quantified for 2015

Physicians create aggregate $2.3 trillion in nation’s economy, support employment of 12.6 million

HIV Screening Most Optimal at 25 Years of Age If No Risk Factors

Simulation favors screening at 25 for adolescents, young adults without identifiable HIV risk factors

Mental Disorders Common in Kids With Chronic Physical Conditions

Baseline multimorbidity tied to decreases in physical, psychological, and school environment quality of life

Week’s Worth of HIV Meds in a Single-Dose Capsule Feasible

Oral platform delivers three antiretrovirals for up to seven days after single administration

For Hospitals, No Benefit for Early Adoption of Financial Incentives

Hospitals with early adoption do not have better process scores, lower mortality than late adopters

Physicians Frequently Continue to Work While Ill

Many fear financial penalties, administrative pressures, or adhere strictly to ‘patient first’ motto

Certain Stresses, Burnout Causing Some Women to Leave Medicine

Burnout is more common among women and increases if a woman doesn’t feel respected

HSPC-Derived CAR T-Cells Capable of Lasting Engraftment

Chimeric antigen receptor T-cells persisted more than 2 years without measurable toxicity in primate model

Herpes Simplex Infrequently Found in Infant Meningitis Eval

If present, HSV infection more common for infants aged 0 to 28 days than those aged 29 to 60 days

Increase Seen in Gabapentinoid Use From 2002 to 2015

More than three-fold increase in percentage of adults using gabapentin and/or pregabalin

Psychosocial Risk in Teens Tied to Lasting HIV Vulnerability

High-frequency psychosocial risk trajectory has lasting effect on HIV risk behaviors in adulthood

Exposure to PM2.5, Ozone at Low Levels Linked to Mortality

Link between short-term exposure to levels below air quality standards, mortality in Medicare population

Reducing Tx May Harm Safety in Early HPV+ Oropharyngeal Cancer | News Brief

For patients with stage III disease, intensification to triple-modality therapy may improve survival

Hepatitis B Vaccination Often Missed Among HIV Patients | News Brief

More than one-third of adult HIV patients receiving medical care have not been vaccinated

Oral Care Guidelines Can Improve Quality of Oral Health Care | News Brief

Multidisciplinary team and guidelines improve quality of oral health practice for older sub-acute patients

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