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Talking to Teens About Vaccination | Feature

A recent survey suggests that although the vast majority of teenagers and their parents believe it is important for all teens to be vaccinated as recommended by the CDC, vaccination rates among teens are less than optimal. The survey sheds some light on why these rates fall short of Healthy People 2020 goals.

Molecular Markers May ID Alzheimer’s Before Clinical Onset | Feature

Amyloid-positive PSEN1 E280A mutation carriers have elevated levels of tau deposition before onset

Influenza A(H3N2) Viruses Predominate 2017-2018 Season | Feature

Vaccine effectiveness estimated at 25 percent against A(H3N2)

Anti-Heroin Vaccine Shows Promise Against Lethal Doses | Feature

TLR9 agonist in presence of alum is stable over 30 days, elicits strong anti-heroin antibody titers

Follow-Up Lacking for Teen, Young Adult Cancer Survivors | Feature

Many young adult cancer survivors do not follow up properly, independent of disease type or insurance

Low Availability of Sexual Aids and Resources at Cancer Centers | Feature

One center stood out, which had several types of aids; most centers reported having no sexual aids

Rotating Night Shift Work Tied to Increased Odds of T2DM | Feature

Working more night shifts per month linked to increased odds of type 2 diabetes

Pre-Op Mental Health Doesn’t Affect Rhinoplasty Outcomes | Feature

Patients with impaired, normal mental health report improvements across most nasal function outcomes

In African-Descent Glaucoma Patients, Visual Field Changes Up | Feature

May contribute to delayed detection of progression compared to glaucoma patients of European descent

Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss Recovery Impacted by MetS | Feature

Recovery prognosis poorer from SSNHL in patients with at least four factors of metabolic syndrome

Treatment Initiation for Depression Low in Primary Care | Feature

Minorities and elderly more unlikely to start depression treatment in the primary care setting

Significant Challenges for Developmental-Behavioral Peds | Feature

Care issues include long waits, high case complexity, poor reimbursement, and provider burnout

Bariatric Surgery Linked to Discontinuing Diabetes Meds | Feature

Six-year antidiabetes treatment initiation rate also much lower after bariatric surgery

Therapeutic Horseback Riding Can Help Alleviate PTSD in Veterans | Feature

Study found statistically and clinically significant reduction in PTSD scores after six weeks of THR

Automated Central System Offers Time Savings for Pharmacists | Feature

Cart-fill process using new automated system is more efficient, frees up time for other roles

Long-Term Inhaled Corticosteroid Use May Raise Fracture Risk | Feature

Long-term inhaled corticosteroid use for COPD tied to small increased risk of hip, upper extremity fracture

Opioids Plus Acetaminophen, Ketorolac Cost-Effective Post-Sx | Feature

In children having scoliosis surgery, combo is linked to reduced opioid intake compared with opioids alone

Metformin After Induction Tx May Preserve Beta-Cell Function | Feature

Also associated with better glycemic control than repeat intensive insulin therapy after induction IIT

New Tool Measures Impact of Brachial Plexus Injury | Feature

Questionnaire measures physical, psychological effects; valid based on comparison with other tools

Short Stature in Childhood Tied to Higher Stroke Risk in Adulthood | Feature

Increased risk seen for ischemic stroke in both sexes, intracerebral hemorrhage in men

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