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ASH: Anti-CD19 CAR T-Cell Tx Beneficial in B-Cell Lymphomas

Second study shows benefit in relapsed or refractory B-cell lymphoma, follicular lymphoma

NAFLD Not Independently Tied to Risk of Reflux Esophagitis

After adjustment for BMI and other metabolic factors the association disappeared

In-Hospital Deaths in A-Fib Patients Higher in Rural Areas

Risk of death is 17 percent higher in rural versus urban hospitals

CTRC-AACR San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, Dec. 5-9

High-Intensity Treadmill Exercise Feasible in Parkinson’s Disease

Mean change in Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale motor score lower for high-intensity exercise

FDA Approves Admelog for Diabetes

First drug approved as a follow-up product based on an abbreviated new process

β-Cell Sensitivity to Glucose Impaired After Gastric Bypass

Individuals with prior Roux-en-Y gastric bypass have reduced β-cell glucose sensitivity

Few Patients, Providers Discuss Costs of Glaucoma Medications

Authors say these discussions are important, as cost is a barrier to treatment adherence

ASH: New Approach to Gene Tx Restores Immune Cells in X-SCID

Efficient vector marking in bone marrow CD34+ cells, myeloid cells, B cells in newly diagnosed SCID

Stair-Step Clomiphene Reduces Time to Ovulation in PCOS

Stair-step clomiphene protocol increased ovulation rates at higher doses than traditional protocol

Deceleration in Health Care Spending Growth in 2016

Enrollment trends drove slowdown in Medicaid and private health insurance spending growth in 2016

Preconception Paternal SSRI Use Linked to ADHD in Offspring

Slightly increased ADHD risk in children born to fathers using SSRI in the three months preconception

Window Blinds Continue to Pose Injury Risk for Young Children

For children younger than 6 treated in U.S. ERs, rate of window blind-related injuries is 2.7 per 100,000

ASH: High-Dose Gene Transfer Beneficial in Severe Hemophilia A

Factor VIII gene transfer tied to sustained normalization of factor VIII activity levels

ASH: A+AVD Beats ABVD for Advanced Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Lower combined risk of progression, death, or noncomplete response with A+AVD

Patient satisfaction surveys are worthless | Medical Blog

For several years, Medicare has tied hospital reimbursement to its definition of quality of care. Poorly performing hospitals can be penalized as much as 2% of their

American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, Dec. 3-7 | Medical Blog

Influenza Picking Up in U.S., Predominantly A(H3N2) | Medical Blog

Influenza activity was low during October 2017, has been increasing since the start of November

Dopamine Receptor Antagonist Antipsychotic Tx Can Affect BP | Medical Blog

Authors suggest BP monitoring for individuals on antipsychotic agents, especially clozapine

Obesity May Be Tied to Higher Rosacea Risk in Women | Medical Blog

Authors say results can inform disease intervention and patient care

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