Who is to Blame for Resident’s Legal Battle with Her Program? | Feature

Our blogger, Skeptical Scalpel, recently wrote about a surgical resident’s legal battle with her program, which highlights a surgical resident who is suing St. Louis University, its

#PWChat – Exercise as Medicine: Helping Patients Cut Through all the Noise | Feature

Join us Wednesday, October 4 at 3:00pm ET for a live, interactive tweetchat with Greg Wells, PhD, on how to help patients make sense of all the

Infographic: The Role of Nurse Leadership in Today’s Healthcare Industry | Feature

A nurse practitioner degree not only sets NPs apart from their peers, but also makes NPs a leader among other nurses. As a leader, NPs are responsible for inspiring

Up to One-Quarter of Cancer Patients Use Marijuana | News Brief

A new study conducted in a cancer center in a state with legalized medicinal and recreational marijuana found that approximately one-quarter of surveyed patients used marijuana in

Outdoor Air Pollution May Increase the Risk of Chronic Kidney Disease | News Brief

Outdoor air pollution has long been linked to major health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. A new study now

New Genetic Syndrome Predisposes the Body to Cancer | News Brief

A new syndrome caused by biallelic mutations — those produced in both gene copies inherited from the mother and father — in the FANCM gene predisposes the

Self-Reported Function IDs Post-Op Course in Elderly | News Brief

LLFDI-FUNCTION predicts postoperative complications better than frailty phenotype

Bacillus Calmette-Guérin Vaccine May Reduce Atopic Dermatitis | News Brief

Findings among newborns vaccinated within seven days of birth

Physical Activity Tied to Lower Mortality, CVD on Global Level | News Brief

Findings among residents of low-, middle-, and high-income countries

Worker Contribution to Health Benefits Up in 2017 | News Brief

Share of firms offering coverage, workers receiving coverage remained stable

AAP Offers Guidance for Infectious Disease in Sports | News Brief

Risk factors include skin-to-skin contact with athletes with active skin infections, sharing equipment

Low Health Beliefs for Salt Intake in Hemodialysis Patients | News Brief

Score for subscale of perceived seriousness for no reduction of salt intake higher in transplant patients

Discontinuing Low-Dose Aspirin Ups Cardiovascular Risk | News Brief

Findings in a large study of long-term low-dose aspirin users

Engaging Muslim Women May Up Odds of Mammogram | News Brief

Significant increase in self-reported likelihood of obtaining mammogram following intervention

Mexican-Americans Have Increased Risk for Liver Disease | News Brief

Less likely to have hepatitis B, C virus, but more likely to be obese, have diabetes, be heavy drinkers

Participation in SNAP Can Cut Health Care Expenditures | News Brief

In fully adjusted models, SNAP linked to lower annual health care expenditure for low-income adults

Tibetan Yoga Improves Sleep Quality During Chemo | News Brief

Long-term benefits seen for those who practice at least two times a week

Containing Medical Costs Without Jeopardizing Patient Care | Feature

[Editor’s note: this article was written by Dr. Madhukar Kasarla, exclusively for Physician’s Weekly. It was submitted by Trade Press Services September 2017] Everyone agrees that healthcare costs are running rampant. In

Concussion May Increase Multiple Sclerosis Risk | Feature

Findings based upon sustaining at least one concussion during adolescence

Fasting Blood Glucose Trajectory May Predict Future MI | Feature

Increased risk for elevated-stable pattern; decreased risk for elevated-decreasing pattern

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