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SABCS 2020


SABCS 2020 eBook

SABCS Conference Report Featured: Update on Novel Agent from the DESTINY-Breast01 Trial How to Avoid Chemotherapy Overtreatment in Breast Cancer First Immunotherapy Combo Well-Tolerated Phase 3 MonarchE Trial: Efficacy...

AAO 2020 – Wet AMD


PhysQuiz Answers! AAO 2020 on AMD

Thank you for taking our quiz! How did you do? 1) A retrospective study of over 150,000 eyes with AMD that received phacoemulsification achieved substantial gain in visual acuity after cataract surgery in what percentage of...

AHA 2020


AHA 2020 Quiz Answers!

1) According to the FOURIER trial, patients treated with PCSK9 inhibitors had a reduced risk for venous thromboembolism (VTE), especially if they had elevated what? a) LDL b) Lipoprotein(a) c) Both d) None of the above The...

ACR 2020

ACR Convergence 2020 – eBook

Convergence Psoriasis Report v1.indd   Featuring Phase III PALACE 4: Apremilast Sustains PsA Control after 1-Year Phase 3 Trials Find Guselkumab Significantly Reduces Fatigue with PsA Effects of Ixekizumab on Symptoms of...