Hospitals, Third Parties, and Physicians: Opposing Roles in Containing Healthcare Costs | Feature

Patients do not have carte blanche when it comes to decisions about their medical care. The type of insurance they have dictates which hospitals they must use,

Burnout & Satisfaction: Examining Trends | Feature

Burnout has been defined as a syndrome of emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and feelings of ineffectiveness. “Burnout has profound implications for physicians, patients, and their families,” says Colin

E-Prescribing Increases Medication Adherence | Feature

Electronic prescribing (e-prescribing) decreases prescription errors and enhances coordination between physician and pharmacist, but what has remained unclear is how it affects patient behavior. Now a new

Should Your Practice Consider Telehealth? | Feature

Investors are pouring money into digital health companies, with $5.8 billion invested in 2015 alone, according to CBInsights. Of the several subcategories of digital health, telehealth continues

There Is No Such Thing as Too Much TV in This Doctor’s Office: A Different Approach to Patient Engagement | Feature

A recent Accenture report found that patients in the United States are increasingly accessing their electronic health records (EHRs), with rates rising from 27% in 2014 to

Capture the Critical Driver of Your Practice’s Financial Success: Physician Time | Feature

Pop Quiz: What were you doing during the financial presentation at your last board meeting?

Managing Difficult Patients | Feature

Regardless of the setting that a physician practices, there is a high likelihood that they will encounter difficult patients throughout their career. “We can’t blame all of

Physician Debt & Compensation: Where Does Your Specialty Fall? | Feature

Who is still paying off student loans? Who has suffered loss due to practice issues? Here are the highlights from Medscape’s Physician Debt and Net Worth Report

Analyzing “Breakthrough Therapy” Perceptions | Feature

After an investigational medication is subject to clinical trials but before it is permitted to be used widely in patients, the FDA reviews the clinical trial results

Heroes in Medicine: Patrick Gerard O’Connor, MD, MPH, FACP | Feature

Congratulations to Patrick Gerard O’Connor, MD, MPH, FACP, of the Yale School of Medicine for being the winner of the “Heroes in Medicine” award from Physician’s Weekly

Do Doctors Make the Wrong Diagnosis in Their Own Investment Strategies? | Opinion Article

Medicine is one of the highest-paying professions, but whether doctors are able to manage their money wisely is another question. Just 28% of working doctors feel very

ADA 2014: Diabetes Missed in Many Asian Americans | Opinion Article

The Particulars: In the Veterans Affairs system, researchers have observed that many patients with diabetes on renal dialysis are thin, Asian men who exercise frequently and have

AUA 2014: Predicting Post-Nephrectomy Readmissions | Opinion Article

The Particulars: Previous research suggests that readmissions are common following major abdominal surgery for cancer. Other studies, however, indicate that surgical readmissions account for only about 22%

Considerations for Dosing of Oral Therapies in Metastatic RCC | Feature

For patients with meta­static renal cell carcinoma (mRCC), oral therapy has improved out­comes and has become a standard of care. When selecting oral therapies for mRCC, an important

Analyzing Operative Outcomes for Proximal Aortic Replacement | Feature

Outcomes for proximal aortic replacement appear to be excellent for elective repair, but research suggests that results deteriorate for non-elective procedures. Better screening and perhaps lowering thresholds for elective intervention could improve outcomes.

A Look at Partial Nephrectomy in Medicare Patients | News Brief

Researchers at Fox Chase Cancer Center have found that partial nephrectomy appears to have a statistically significant survival benefit when compared with radical nephrectomy for patients older

CKD Complicates AAA Repair | News Brief

Among patients being considered for abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) repair, moderate and severe chronic kidney disease (CKD) appears to be associated with significantly increased mortality. Mortality rates

Cardiology Update | eMedia

We’re proud to present this monograph with feature stories on several important topics in cardiology. In recent months, we have published a variety of news articles covering this

High Pneumonia Risk for Transplant Recipients | News Brief

Researchers in Denmark have found that the risk of first-time hospitalization for pneumonia appears to be high among renal transplant candidates and recipients. When compared with controls,

Complication Rates With Nephrectomy in Octogenarians | News Brief

Morbidity appears to be significant in patients older than 80 who undergo nephrectomy for renal cell carcinoma, according to results from a small French analysis. For all

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