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Erectile Dysfunction is Red Flag for Silent Early Cardiovascular Disease

In addition to being an important health and quality of life issue for men, erectile dysfunction has long been associated with CV disease. Risk factors for erectile

Infographic: The Role of Nurse Leadership in Today’s Healthcare Industry

A nurse practitioner degree not only sets NPs apart from their peers, but also makes NPs a leader among other nurses. As a leader, NPs are responsible for inspiring

Each State’s Predicted Nursing Demand

  NURSING@GEORGETOWN The demand for health care professionals — especially those who work in primary care — is predicted to increase through 2020. This is due in

Nurse Practitioners Step in to Fill Growing Need for House Calls | News Brief

Researcher: States could revisit regulations on NPs to help meet demand. Nurse practitioners are increasingly providing house calls for frail and elderly patients, eclipsing any other specialties

13 apps to help nurses improve patient care | News Brief

Nurses play a crucial role in improving the care of a hospital’s patients. As technology comes increasingly into play, health apps may be particularly beneficial to improve

Tobacco Screening & Counseling in the Pediatric ED | News Brief

Previous studies have shown that the pediatric ED tends to underuse parental tobacco screening and brief cessation counseling. Recently, a study was conducted to look at the

Diabetes in the ED: Opportunities for Improvement | News Brief

According to 2011 estimates, about 79 million Americans had prediabetes and another 7 million were undiagnosed. By 2025, it is estimated that the number of people with

Preparing for Avian Influenza Outbreaks | News Brief

Who Flew the Coop? Few studies have determined the likelihood of emergency nurses reporting to work during an avian influenza outbreak. A recent survey consisting of 332

Emergency Nursing & Workplace Violence-Infographic | News Brief

In a survey published in the May 2014 Journal of Emergency Nursing, nearly 800 participants responded:

Emergency Nursing & Workplace Violence | Feature

ED nurses are too commonly exposed to workplace violence, according to findings of a study involving those who reported experiencing such violence by patients or visitors in

Logistics Programs Benefit ED Wait Times | Feature

A Focus on Improving Patient Flow With ED crowding continuing to be an important public health issue, hospitals across the United States are scrambling to pursue aggressive

A Data-Driven Approach for Nurse Staffing | Opinion Article

Unplanned nurse turn­over is a primary threat to a hospital’s sustainability. Foremost, the price of replacing new nurses is exorbitantly expensive, costing a hospital up to $82,000

Workplace Burnout eBook | eMedia

We are proud to present this monograph featuring several features on burnout in the workplace, with topics including the impact of hospitalist workload, workforce implications of early

Overcoming Barriers to Clinical Research in the ED | eMedia

Clinical research in the ED is important to providing supporting evidence for the development of practice guidelines and is vital to enhancing patient outcomes. A recent study

Do BSN Nurses Provide Better Care? | Medical Blog

Why can't we teach nurses how to nurse in nursing school and docs how to doctor during residency?

Improving Sepsis Care in the ED | Medical Blog

For patients with severe sepsis and septic shock in the ED, studies have shown that goal-directed therapy is effective. However, many EDs throughout the country have not

Business of Medicine Update | eMedia

Physician’s Weekly is proud to present this monograph on the business of medicine. Created with the assistance of key opinion leaders and experts in the field, these features explore the challenges and

Finding a Teachable Moment in Nursing | Medical Blog

Patient education is one of the most important aspects of nursing care. It builds patients’ self-esteem, self-awareness, sense of responsibility, and provides them with effective coping mechanisms.

The “Second Victims” in Nursing | Medical Blog

Tears rolled down my face as I came across an article written 2 years ago. A veteran pediatric nurse took her own life several months after administering

Male Nurses Up 7% – And Earning 19% More Than Women | Medical Blog

The influx of patients spurred by healthcare reform as well as today’s shortage of primary care physicians is creating enormous demands on an unprepared healthcare system. In

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