Antidepressants Prescribed During Pregnancy Show Heightened Risk of Birth Defects

A new study in the British Medical Journal warns of possible birth defects from the use of antidepressants. The risk — 6 to 10 %, versus 3

Opioid Treatment Programs & Older Adults | Feature

Few studies have examined substance use among older adults, especially among those who need substance abuse treatment. This is a vulnerable patient population that may put increasing

Comparing Heroin-, Opioid-, and Marijuana-Related Overdoses | Feature

Tens of thousands of Americans die each year from these drugs, but marijuana has not caused a single death. According to the website,, deaths caused by

Analyzing “Breakthrough Therapy” Perceptions | Feature

After an investigational medication is subject to clinical trials but before it is permitted to be used widely in patients, the FDA reviews the clinical trial results

More Docs Denying Sales Rep Access | Medical Blog

A new report from the global sales and marketing consulting firm ZS Associates indicates that—despite signs of leveling off—pharmaceutical sales rep access to physicians continues to steadily decline. Data

Patient-Provider Dialogue With HIV Drugs | Opinion Article

Improvements in provider communication styles and identifying barriers to ART adherence could help improve outcomes for HIV patients.

Reducing Pediatric Drug Errors in Rural EDs | Feature

Telemedicine consultations from pediatric specialists appear to reduce the number of medication errors in rural EDs, according to new data. The findings further support using telemedicine consultations to improve quality of care.

Relieving Pain in Colorectal Surgery | Opinion Article

Adding a TAP block to ERP protocols may allow patients to bypass or reduce narcotics use after colorectal surgery.

Analyzing Antibiotic Use in EDs | Opinion Article

Extending antibiotic stewardship programs to EDs could reduce the inappropriate use of antibiotics for acute respiratory tract infections.

ASCVD in Older Adults | Feature

A scientific statement has been released to help clarify the risks and benefits of secondary prevention and to stimulate better use of proven therapies in older adults with atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD). The statement also encourages healthcare providers to personalize preventive care for ASCVD patients aged 75 and older.

Life Expectancy Trends in HIV | Feature

People with HIV have a markedly higher life expectancy than in years past, but large differences persist in certain subgroups of patients. These data can help clinicians determine areas for improvements in care.

NSAIDs: Striving for Judicious Use | Opinion Article

Healthcare providers should take into account patients' clinical needs and risk factors and help them understand the benefits and risks of NSAIDs.

Examining Physician Rx Drug Abuse | Feature

New research provides unique insights into the reasons why physicians abuse prescription medications. Efforts are needed to prevent these problems during medical training and throughout physicians’ careers.

AAOS 2014: Postoperative “Doctor Shopping” & Narcotic Use in Orthopedic Patients | Feature

The Particulars: Recent studies have shown that prescription drug abuse is on the rise throughout the United States. With this phenomenon has come a rise in “doctor

AAOS 2014: Statins & VTE After Knee & Hip Replacements | Feature

The Particulars: Studies have shown that statin therapy helps decrease the incidence of venous thromboembolism (VTE) in healthy, non-surgical patients. However, VTE following orthopedic procedures—joint replacements, in

Part D Medicare Prescribers-Inforgraphic
Part D Medicare Prescribers-Inforgraphic

Most Common Specialties Among Part D Prescribers | Feature

Medication Adherence in Cystic Fibrosis | Feature

Research indicates that medication adherence among patients with cystic fibrosis is low, which can worsen outcomes. The use of monitoring technology and patient-centered communication has the potential to positively impact this clinical challenge.

infographic of antibiotic prescriptions by state
infographic of antibiotic prescriptions by state

Antibiotic Prescriptions by State | Feature

Managing Fibromyalgia and Comorbid Depression | Opinion Article

About 50% to 70% of fibromyalgia patients have a lifetime history of depression, many of whom take antidepressants to treat their depression. A common clinical question has

Opioid Backlash Threatens Sickle Cell Care | Opinion Article

The well-meaning push to curb opioid prescribing could worsen healthcare for sickle cell patients. Clinicians tend to undertreat the substantial pain experienced by many sickle cell patients

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