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Home Insulation and Hospital Admission Rates

Excess winter mortality and morbidity are common in countries with mild climates. Whether home insulation can alleviate the incidence of mortality and morbidity is not clear. This study aims to investigate whether home...

FTO Genotype and Weight Loss

Recent studies have identified the FTO genotype as accounting for about 2.7% of the variation in body mass index (BMI). This study aims to investigate the effect of FTO genotype on weight loss after physical activity,...

Coffee Consumption and Health Outcomes

Since coffee is one of the most consumed beverages across the globe, even the slightest of health outcomes could have a population-wide effect. Besides, the health outcomes of coffee consumption have remained to be...

Role of Obesity in Smoking Behavior

Smoking behavior in individuals can vary, but in recent years, smoking behavior has been increasingly linked to obesity. This study aims to evaluate the association of BMI score, body fat with waist circumference and smoking...



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