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Russian woman “embalmed alive”? | Feature

  No, she wasn’t, but it was just as bad. Early this month, 28-year-old Ekaterina Fedyaeva died three weeks after what was supposed to have been a

New Survey: Doctors Share State of Healthcare in 2018 | Medical Blog

Over 2017, many legislative efforts were put forth by lawmakers to heal the ailing US healthcare system. And many more have been announced and/or are in the


The following was originally posted to Paragonfire.   When You Asked “How Are You?” Did you REALLY Mean It? Such a simple question, often as overlooked as

Let’s Save Our Own | Medical Blog

The following was originally posted at   This month my institution lost a vibrant, talented member of our team to suicide. Most likely, if you are

Beyond malpractice: Doctors in real trouble | Feature

What could be worse than being sued for malpractice? Prison. Kang Se-hoon, a surgeon in South Korea, operated on a popular rock singer and song writer in

Do Doctors Really Celebrate on National Doctor’s Day? | Medical Blog

The following was originally posted to Paragonfire. As a doctor, do I actually celebrate Doctors’ Day? Do I think I should be celebrated and honored for my

Three Ways to Build a Healthcare Quality Measurement Framework | Feature

Do What You Do Well It sounds like a good idea at first – measure the things you do well and let that be the guiding light

CME/CE: Mental Health Neglect Among Physicians | Feature

Researchers conducted an anonymous, 24-question survey that asked physician mothers representing all medical specialties about mental health history and treatment, perception of stigma, opinions about state licensing questions on mental health, and personal experiences with reporting.

The Importance of Genetic Testing in Early-Stage Breast Cancer | Feature

Genetic testing for breast cancer risk is evolving quickly, with growing use of multiple-gene panels that can yield uncertain results. However, little is known about the context of such testing or its impact on treatment.

Mental Health Neglect Among Physicians | Feature

Previous research has suggested high rates of suicide and depression among physicians when compared with the general public. Debilitating mental illness can critically impact physicians’ ability to

Pre-clinical cancer-target validation | Feature

Published and unpublished studies by investigators in the pharmaceutical industry indicate that a disturbingly high number of academic laboratories’ reports nominating potential new cancer-drug targets are either

Thinking about cancer as an infectious disease | Feature

Infection causes one in five cancers throughout the world. Why do just seven human viruses cause cancer, but not others? Merkel cell polyomavirus (MCV), the recently discovered

CDC Update: Flu Season Finally Peaked | Feature

The 2017-18 influenza season peaked in early February and is now on the decline, according to a data published by the CDC March 3rd. Here are some

Recommended Immunization Schedule for Adults Aged 19 Years or Older, 2018 | Feature

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued its 2018 Recommended Immunization Schedule for Adults Aged 19

“Officials find NYC hospitals riddled with shocking violations.” | Feature

I know it’s only the New York Post, but that headline could not be more misleading: The article says that state health inspectors found “19 instances of

Four Dos and Don’ts for Physicians Looking to Grow their Financial Wealth | Medical Blog

Historically, the title of physician came with the near automatic assumption that the individual was or would be very wealthy.  As highly educated professionals, many have worked

CME/CE – Conference Highlights: SABCS 2017 | Conference Coverage

New research was presented at SABCS 2017, the 40th annual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, from December 5 to 9. The features here highlight some of the studies that emerged from the conference.

MACRA: Proceed With Confidence at the Point of Care | Conference Coverage

We’ve been living in a MACRA world for some time now, and yet most physicians still aren’t ready—or even close to ready—for this new reality. As if

Creating Efficiency in the Patient Journey | Feature

The transformation to value-based care has placed tremendous focus on delivery of care as it relates to improving patient outcomes, quality, and safety. And for good reason;

Expert-Based Opinions: A Supplement to, Not a Replacement for, Evidence-Based Content | Feature

Nationally recognized and highly regarded health systems have a variety of ways to expand the reach of their “special sauce.” For some, it’s to launch outpatient centers

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