Laboratory-confirmed Zika virus disease cases reported to ArboNET by state or territory (as of August 24, 2016)

  • Zika virus disease and Zika virus congenital infection are nationally notifiable conditions.
  • This update from the CDC Arboviral Disease Branch includes provisional data reported to ArboNET for January 01, 2015 – August 24, 2016.

US States

  • Locally acquired mosquito-borne cases reported: 29
  • Travel-associated cases reported: 2,487
  • Laboratory acquired cases reported:  1
  • Total: 2,517
    • Sexually transmitted: 22
    • Guillain-Barré syndrome: 7

US Territories

  • Locally acquired cases reported: 8,968
  • Travel-associated cases reported: 43
  • Total: 9,011*
    • Guillain-Barré syndrome: 26

*Sexually transmitted cases are not reported for US territories because with local transmission of Zika virus it is not possible to determine whether infection occurred due to mosquito-borne or sexual transmission.

In the U.S. territories, there have been 8,968 locally acquired Zika cases and 43 travel-associated cases, for a total of 9,011.

Zika & Pregnancy

  • 584 pregnant women in the U.S. have lab evidence of Zika virus infection
  • 812 pregnant women in the U.S. territories have lab evidence of Zika virus infection
  • 6 babies in the U.S. have been born with Zika-related birth defects
  • 5 pregnancy losses with birth defects linked to Zika in the U.S.