Uncontrolled or undiagnosed hypertension (HTN) is estimated to be as high as 46% in emergency departments (EDs). Uncontrolled HTN contributes significantly to cardiovascular morbidity and disproportionately affects communities of color. EDs serve high risk populations with uncontrolled conditions that are often missed by other clinical settings and effective interventions for uncontrolled HTN in the ED are critically needed. The ED is well situated to decrease the disparities in HTN control by providing a streamlined intervention to high risk populations that may use the ED as their primary care.
Targeting of UnControlled Hypertension in the Emergency Department (TOUCHED), is a two-arm single site randomized controlled trial of 770 adults aged 18-75 presenting to the ED with uncontrolled HTN comparing (1) usual care, versus (2) an Educational and Empowerment (E2) intervention that integrates a Post-Acute Care Hypertension Consultation (PACHT-c) with a mobile health BP self-monitoring kit. The primary outcome is differences in mean systolic blood pressure (SBP) at 6-months post enrollment. Secondary outcomes include differences in mean SBP and mean diastolic BP (DBP) at 3-months and mean DBP at 6-months. Additionally, improvement in cardiovascular risk score, medication adherence, primary care engagement, and HTN knowledge will also be assessed as part of this study.
The TOUCHED trial will be instrumental in determining the effectiveness of a brief ED-based intervention that is portable to other urban EDs with high-risk populations.
clinicaltrials.gov Identifier: NCT03749499.