The Particulars: Hospitals in the United States are increasingly using electronic ICUs (eICUs) to provide supplemental care with around-the-clock monitoring. With eICUs, patients are managed by providers using two-way cameras, video monitors, microphones, and alarms in a remote location. Few studies have examined the effect on clinical outcomes of ICUs as a supplementary remote intensive care program.

Data Breakdown: For a study, researchers compared the rate of falls, mortalities, incidence of code blues, and length of stay (LOS) between ICU patients seen with and without use of an eICU at a remote hospital. The following was observed:


With eICU (n=1,227)

Without eICU (n=1,310)

Number of code blues



Number of falls



Number of overall mortalities




3 days

3.1 days

Take Home Pearls: The incidence of code blues, falls, and overall mortality appear to be similar among ICU patients treated with normal care and eICU care. LOS also appears to be similar in patients treated with and without eICUs.