Hyperpigmentation disorders disproportionately affect people of color, necessitating the development of safe and effective topical treatments. The efficacy and tolerability of LYT2 in combination with LVS were evaluated in patients with skin color who had moderate to severe facial hyperpigmentation. Asian, Hispanic, and African American patients (Fitzpatrick phototypes III-VI) were studied in a single-arm study. For 12 weeks, subjects used LYT2 and LVS daily, in addition to a basic skincare regimen. The investigator-assessed overall hyperpigmentation, skin-tone evenness, and radiance, and subjects completed questionnaires on self-perceived efficacy. When compared to baseline, the combination of LYT2 and LVS produced a 23% improvement in overall hyperpigmentation, a 33% increase in skin-tone evenness, and a 51% increase in radiance after 12 weeks. As a result, all patients reported at least a slight improvement in skin condition, with 70% reporting good or excellent satisfaction. Just 1 subject (8%) experienced a treatment-related adverse event. The LYT2 and LVS combination was well tolerated and improved the appearance of hyperpigmentation and overall skin quality in people of color.