Strongly Recommended

  1. In all conference and meeting rooms, you should wear your mask. Presenters and moderators/panelists can remove their mask when speaking.
  2. In standing room spaces, when engaged in extended conversation or are in close proximity to others (e.g., poster session dialogue), you should wear your mask.

Highly Recommended:

  1. During all indoor interactions with people, use your best judgment.  Please err on the side of caution and wear your mask.
  2. During meals, please use well-established protocols and mask when not eating or drinking. *
  3. During events in outdoor spaces, masks are not required. However, if there are large numbers of people, please consider wearing your mask.
  4.  During social events, please observe the above guidelines.

As stated previously:

If a delegate at the CMSC Annual Meeting demonstrates COVID symptoms and/or tests positive for COVID, s/he will be asked to isolate in his or her hotel room immediately.  All contacts will be traced and asked to test using kits that will be available at the meeting registration desk.  All individuals who test positive will be requested to isolate for the remainder of the conference.


More information on CMSC masking recommendations can be found at