There have been many types of research that have been conducted so far in order to study the cobitolimod which is typically administered and hence, at the same time, the DNA-based oligonucleotide that has been activating the receptors which are prevalent in type 9 in the body. Therefore, an attempt has been made to understand the negative impacts of dose regiments of the cobitolimod. Therefore, at the same time, it was ensured that the people are provided with the opportunity to get the ball rolling and hence, assure that CONDUCT is the best kind of therapy which is available as of now to cure the deadly disease and hence, at the same time provide an assurance that no individual would be in the position to stratify the current glucocorticosteroid. The study was conducted in a population of 8754 people and hence, it was observed that such views have been expressed by nearly 78 percent of the people and the statistical results have proved the same. Therefore, the two topical administrations of cobitolimod 250 mg are well tolerated and are more effective than the ideally used placebo.

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