This report is an analysis that In the course of recent years, generous advancement has been made in clarifying the normal history of AD in individuals with DS utilizing standard AD biomarkers like amyloid, tau and FDG PET, volumetric MRI just as biofluid markers in CSF and plasma. In reality, a few exploration bunches from around the world have shown that there exist striking likenesses between AD biomarkers in DS and the irregular and autosomal prevailing types of AD.

We will survey ongoing headways in blood biomarkers,. We will plate with the enrollment of preliminary prepared associates in the US and Europe will work with and speed up the conduction of Alzheimer’s infection Clinical Trials in the Down Syndrome Population. Plasma amyloid, p‐tau and neurofilament light in plasma which are arising as key AD demonstrative, prognostic and theragnostic biomarkers. There have been tremendous progressions in the enlistment of preliminary prepared associates. In particular, the NIH‐funded Alzheimer’s Clinical Trial Consortium for Down Syndrome (ACTC‐DS) uses the current profundity and expansiveness of ability of the Alzheimer’s Clinical Trial Consortium (ACTC) to direct AD clinical preliminaries in grown-ups with DS across worldwide execution locales with unmatched skill.

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