After the 2003 extreme intense respiratory condition Covid plague, the public authority and public of Taiwan have been cautious about the danger of arising irresistible sicknesses. The public authority of Taiwan made a quick move to forestall Covid sickness (COVID-19) importation and flare-ups (1). The general population has clung well to control estimates that included keeping away from get-togethers, keeping up friendly distance, veil wearing, hand and respiratory cleanliness, temperature checking, and isolate of high-hazard and wiped out people (Figure, board A). Albeit the achievement of these actions for restricting COVID-19 transmission stays to be resolved, cross country observation has shown the quick decay of flu movement during the initial 12 weeks of 2020 (through March 21) in Taiwan.

The Taiwan National Infectious Disease Statistics System (2), kept up by the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control, is an open information entry that gives cross country reconnaissance information on irresistible illnesses. For this examination, we broke down information from outpatient division visits for chosen conditions, clinical example testing, confined respiratory microorganisms, and affirmed serious cases.

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