Multiple researches across the globe have been done and are are in process that address the population with learning disabilities. Higher education is becoming a norm to live life of good quality. For people with learning disabilities different factors that can promote or hinder learning and academic success need to be explored to provide them with quality education and support.There has been an increase in the number of students with ASD attending college making it important for the authorities to facilitate them. To support this growing population of students, institution-based support programs have developed across the country to promote college success by addressing the social, communication, and executive functioning needs of students with ASD. This study was done to investigate the current state of college-based ASD support programs to analyze current standards of care while also disseminating cohesive program information to professionals and families involved in postsecondary planning.

The findings of the study provided description of the trends in college-based ASD service provision, admission requirements, and administrative support were identified through a systematic search and examination of traditional 4-year colleges with ASD-specific supports.