This study states that In-hospital and 30-day mortality rates of endovascular repair of thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysms shows a significant improvement over open surgery, although we are not seeing a significant difference at 1 year. We assess the hypothesis that a greater mural thrombus ratio within the aorta could function as an indicator of postoperative mortality. The mural thrombus ratio and preoperative comorbidities of 100 consecutive patients from a single center undergoing endo-debranching between 2012 and 2019 were evaluated. Logistic regression, survival analysis, and decision tree methods were used to examine each variable’s association with death at 1 year. At the time of analysis, 73 subjects had 1-year outcomes and adequate imaging to assess the parameters. At 1 year, the overall survival for all subjects was 71.2% (21 died, 52 survived). For patients with a favorable mural thrombus ratio (n = 36), the overall 1-year survival was 86.1% (5 died, 31 survived). The subjects with an unfavorable mural thrombus ratio (n = 37), had an overall 1 year survival of 56.8% (16 died, and 21 survived).

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