Nivolumab and bevacizumab are both used to treat several types of cancers, including ovarian cancer. However, the monotherapy of the two drugs has shown limited activity in recurrent epithelial ovarian cancer. This study aims to evaluate the activity of combined nivolumab and bevacizumab in the treatment of relapsed ovarian cancer.

This single-arm, phase-2 study included a total of 38 women with relapsed epithelial ovarian cancer. The participants were assigned to intravenous nivolumab and bevacizumab once every 2 weeks. The primary outcome of the study was objective response rate (ORR), along with progression-free survival.

Eighteen women out of 38 women enrolled had platinum-resistant, and 20 had platinum-sensitive cancer. The findings suggested that 11 patients experienced a confirmed response to nivolumab-bevacizumab combination therapy (ORR 28.9%). Subgroup analysis discovered that the ORR was 40.0% in platinum-sensitive patients and 16.7% in platinum-resistant patients. At least 1 treatment-related adverse event was reported in 34 patients (89.5%), of whom 9 participants (23.7%) experiences a grade 3 or higher adverse event. Median progression-free survival among participants was 8.1 months.

The research concluded that nivolumab-bevacizumab combination demonstrated activity in patients with relapsed ovarian cancer, with the effects being more pronounced in women with platinum-sensitive disease.