Uncontrolled asthma may be life-threatening. Poor understanding of disease process and appropriate medication use appears to influence community attitude in facing asthmatic patients in an emergency, thereby contributing to increasing the risk of mortality. This study aimed to analyze community-level knowledge about asthma and attitude towards asthma management.
This observational, cross-sectional study was conducted among the community in Gresik, Indonesia, from March to July 2019. Participants included in this study were adults, who could read, write, and communicate well. Data were collected through questionnaires to evaluate the level of knowledge and attitude towards asthma.
In total, 100 respondents were selected with 91% of women, with a mean age of 49.11 ± 14.42 years and with various levels of education. The respondents had good knowledge by getting a score of 76%. Knowledge regarding recognition of asthma symptoms was scored the highest (83%). However, knowledge about medication use for asthma was lacking, especially in identifying the medicine choice (21%) and inhaler use (48%). The respondents also showed a ‘positive’ attitude with a score of 89%. Most respondents (72%) agreed that when inhaled drugs were unable to relieve the asthma attack, they need to bring the patient to a hospital.
The level of respondent’s knowledge in recognizing asthma symptoms was good, but there were misconceptions about asthma medication, especially in inhaler use. Overall, the respondents had a positive attitude towards asthma perception and management.

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