Dentin Hypersensitivity is one of the most commonly encountered clinical problems. Various desensitizing agents have been widely used in the management of dentin hypersensitivity. Fluorinol a fluoride containing agent, has shown to be effective in fluoridating the hydroxyapatite crystal and thus reduce enamel solubility. Calcium Sodium Phosphosilicate mechanically occludes open tubules, and releases Calcium and Phosphorous to remineralize tooth structure.
To compare and assess the efficacy of Fluorinol containing toothpaste with 7.5% sodium calcium phosphosilicate containing toothpaste in reducing dentin hypersensitivity.
Thorough oral prophylaxis was done and the patients were subjected to the Washout phase, after which they were randomly allocated to the two study groups, Group A – Fluorinol containing toothpaste, Group B – sodium calcium phosphosilicate containing toothpaste. Patients were recalled on 2 , 3 and 4 weeks, and sensitivity was assessed using VAS scores by means of tactile, evaporative and cold water stimuli. Oral-health related quality of life was assessed using OHIP-14 questionnaire at baseline and 4 weeks.
Compared to baseline, there was a significant decrease in dentin hypersensitivity in both the groups. The VAS scores for tactile stimuli were significantly lower in group A at 3 and 4 weeks.
Fluorinol containing toothpaste was shown to be effective in reducing dentinal hypersensitivity. Hence it can be used routinely in the management of dentin hypersensitivity.

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