To compare the in vitro optical performance of five premium multifocal intraocular lenses , including a single-valued metric that shows the total range of distances where a multifocal IOL generates an acceptable image quality. Both of the under study lens were being used globally and there was inadequate information available on the comparison of both of them therefore this study was conducted.

Total depth of focus is computed by adding the vergence intervals where the through-focus MTF at 50 cycles/mm is 0.15 or greater.

The light distribution of the Symbiose Mid and Plus multifocal IOLs was similar, concentrating the energy into far focus and the intermediate into near focus, but extending the intermediate focus more or less toward the near focus. TDOFs were: 1.58 diopters ; 1.71 D ; 1.73 D ; 1.74 D ; and 1.90 D .

TDOFs were similar between multifocal IOLs with a maximum difference of 0.32 D and mean value of 1.73 D. The combination of the Symbiose Mid and Plus IOLs can theoretically provide a TDOF of 2.90 D in case one is implanted in one eye and the other in the fellow eye.