This study reviews contemporary literature on RASP and HoLEP to evaluate perioperative outcomes, common complications, cost analytics, and future directions of both procedures.
RASP is indicated for prostates > 80 mL, while HoLEP is size-independent. No notable differences were found in operative time, PSA nadir (surrogate for enucleation volume), re-catheterization rates, or long-term durability. Prolonged incontinence and bladder neck contracture rates are low for both surgeries. Patients experience similar satisfaction outcomes and improvements in uroflowmetry and post-void residual volumes. HoLEP demonstrates shorter hospitalizations, lower transfusion rates, lower costs, and higher rates of same-day discharge. RASP offers a shorter learning curve and lower rates of early postoperative urinary incontinence. HoLEP is a size-independent surgery that offers advantages for patients seeking a minimally invasive procedure with the potential for catheter-free same-day discharge. Future directions with single-port simple prostatectomy may offer parity in same-day discharge, but further research is needed to determine broader feasibility.

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