The aim was to compare the self-rated oral symptoms (OS) and clinical and radiographic periodontal status among cigarette smokers and electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) users. Self-reported cigarette smokers and electronic cigarette and JUUL users were included. Self-rated OS and demographic data were recorded. Clinical attachment loss (AL), plaque index (PI), probing depth (PD), number of missing teeth, and bleeding on probing (BOP) were determined. Values<.05 were deemed significant. Bad breath (<.001) and pain in gums (<.001) were more often reported by cigarette-smokers than ENDS users. Compared with never-smokers, pain in teeth (<.001), bad-breath (<.001), and pain in gums (<.001) were higher among cigarette smokers. There was no significant difference in pain in teeth, bleeding gums, bad breath, and pain in gums when JUUL users were compared with never-smokers and electronic cigarette users. PI (<.05) and PD (<.05) were increased in cigarette smokers than ENDS users and never-smokers. Pain in teeth and gums are more often perceived by cigarette smokers than electronic cigarette and JUUL users and never-smokers.