For a study, researchers sought to produce a proof-based administration system for CA by checking on the ongoing writing and accessible treatment modalities. A MEDLINE® writing survey was performed for “chylous ascites.” Individual patient information was removed from the case series and reports to make a viability investigation. Treatment methodology, channel yield, time to heighten care, and time to goal were recorded. The viability investigation was used to create an information-driven treatment calculation. The writing audit yielded 1,953 articles, from which 146 examinations contributed information for 523 patients. The viability examination included 245 patients, 168 (69%) of whom were overseen effectively with conservative management (CM), at a middle chance to the goal of 11 days. About 48 patients underwent lymphangiography±embolization after CM, with a triumph pace of 85%. About 31 (12%) patients went through careful investigation. At the same time, treating CA, the patients who went through stepwise administration with CM followed by lymphangiography if CM bombed encountered a goal pace of 96.7%. A proof-based treatment calculation was made to direct treatment determination and length before heightening to different types of treatment. This report depicted the biggest mixture of iatrogenic CA cases from a writing survey (523 cases) and viability examination (245 cases). They made the main proof-based treatment calculation for this condition. Treatment achievement is significant while utilizing a stepwise blend of CM followed by lymphangiography±embolization.