A considerable gap exists between contraceptive awareness and use. Traditional approaches to measuring awareness are inadequate to understand the linkages between understanding properly. This study’s objective was to examine the degree of men’s modern contraceptive attention in Bangladesh and the associated determinants and further test a hypothesis that current contraceptive use confers a high degree of method awareness.

Men’s responses on method awareness were classified according to those reported spontaneously and probed. Nearly 100% of the study participants reported having heard of at least one method, and about half wrote awareness of at least eight different contraception methods. Multinomial logistic regression analyses showed that older and educated men were more likely to have reported a high degree of understanding. The findings confirmed our hypothesis that current contraceptive use is expected to confer a high degree of modern method awareness among men after controlling other essential characteristics.

Men who had a low degree of contraceptive awareness seem not adequately informed of the wide range of contraceptive options. Family planning intervention strategies in Bangladesh must focus on the degree and functional knowledge of contraceptive methods to improve male-based modern methods’ uptake.

Reference: https://srh.bmj.com/content/32/2/100