Inducing neural stem cells to differentiate and replace degenerated functional neurons represents the most promising approach for neural degenerative diseases including Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. While diverse strategies have been proposed in recent years, most of these are hindered due to uncontrollable cell fate and device invasiveness. Here, we report a minimally invasive micromotor platform with biodegradable helical () as the framework and superparamagnetic FeO nanoparticles/piezoelectric BaTiO nanoparticles as the built-in function units. With a low-strength rotational magnetic field, this integrated micromotor system can perform precise navigation in biofluid and achieve single-neural stem cell targeting. Remarkably, by tuning ultrasound intensity, thus the local electrical output by the motor, directed differentiation of the neural stem cell into astrocytes, functional neurons (dopamine neurons, cholinergic neurons), and oligodendrocytes, can be achieved. This micromotor platform can serve as a highly controllable wireless tool for bioelectronics and neuronal regenerative therapy.