Addison’s disease which is due to dysfunction of the adrenal gland, with abnormal secretion of glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids, is rare. By inducing inflammation and disorders of water and electrolyte metabolism, Addison’s disease may accelerate progression of co-existed cardiovascular diseases. Addison’s disease combined with cardiovascular disease is infrequent, only 10 cases in the literature.
We reported a 51-year-old male patient with unstable angina pectoris and hypotension. Changes on coronary angiography within 2 years suggested rapid progression of coronary artery disease in a patient with low cardiovascular risk. An additional clue of skin hyperpigmentation, fatigue and further examination confirmed the diagnosis of Addison’s disease caused by adrenal tuberculosis. After hormone replacement treatment, the frequency and severity of the angina pectoris were alleviated significantly, as were hypotension, hyperpigmentation and fatigue.
The combination of Addison’s disease and coronary artery disease in one patient is rare. Addison’s disease can induce inflammation and disorders of water and electrolyte metabolism, which may further accelerate the course of coronary artery disease. Meanwhile, the hypotension in Addison’s disease may affect the coronary blood flow, which may result in an increased susceptibility to unstable angina in the presence of coronary stenosis. So, we should analyze comprehensively if the coronary artery disease progress rapidly.

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