The sudden outbreak of the deadly coronavirus has put the country of the United Kingdom in the worst possible situation. The country of the United Kingdom has witnessed the deaths of lakhs of people in the shortest possible interval. Therefore, life is becoming difficult without a vaccine and social distancing can be treated as a long term solution. The disease is so deadly that there is no possible treatment available. As a result, the prima facie focus of the doctors has been shifted to the treatment of this kind of patients who have been infected with the novel coronavirus. The worst result can be seen on the persons who have been already diagnosed with deadly diseases like cancer. This has been quite visible. The number of patients who are already affected with cancer and now getting infected with coronavirus as well. The guidelines for the treatment of the patients who are infected with this duo is very less. Therefore, in the United Kingdom, there are almost 589 patients who are currently surviving this deadly duo. There is a higher fatality rate for them. Their visits to intensive care units have also increased.  Therefore, it is essential to develop literature in this regard in the minimum possible time to safeguard the lives of the people.

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