The aim is To examine the possibility of rectifying concurrent penile twist and chordee without hypospadias by activation of the urethra and spongiosum.

A review investigation of nine patients with synchronous penile twist and chordee without hypospadias was embraced between January 2006 and December 2012. During this period, an aggregate of 364 instances of hypospadias and 38 of chordee without hypospadias were worked on, making a sum of 402 patients with hypospadias-related buildings. Similar advances were utilized for rectification of both force and chordee. After a circumcoronal cut, the penis was completely degloved and the spongiosum with urethra was lifted up off the cavernosa. Then, assembly of the hypoplastic urethra with spongiosum was stretched out into the glans. On the off chance that chordee or force continued, urethral activation was performed proximally up to the bulbar urethra, as required. Spongioplasty and glansplasty were done and a for every urethral stent was kept in for three to five days. A proportion of 1:9.6 was found for chordee without hypospadias contrasted with the complete hypospadias cases, with an occurrence of 9.5%.

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