Our Moroccan context is experiencing an increase in the frequency of renal tumors. This trend can be explained by the generalization of the use of imaging, in particular abdominal ultrasound, which has become almost systematic among general practitioners (Godley and Ataga, 2000 [1]). The specificity of kidney cancer is anatomopathological heterogenicity: histological type, nuclear grade, tumor stage, these elements constitute the most important prognostic factors. Renal biopsy appears to be a safe and reliable solution with a low risk of tumor seeding and complications, however it cannot provide all the detailed histological information needed. Hence the interest in the abdominal scanner. The abdominal scanner is the reference examination for the evaluation of renal tumors, it diagnoses the tumor, specifies these characteristics, it assesses the loco regional, venous extension. The objective of our study is to correlate pathological and CT findings of 70 kidney cancer in order to determine the reliability of CT in kidney cancer and its extension.
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