A special retrospective on the year and a conversation with AMA President Susan Bailey, MD

To say living through the Covid-19 pandemic is life changing would be the ultimate understatement — it has changed our personal lives and it has transformed the way healthcare is delivered. BreakingMED has covered the outbreak nearly since it began.

In this podcast, we took a look back at the year and sat down with AMA President Susan Bailey, MD, for her perspective on the pandemic, and the year that was.

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Throughout this year, we have been covering the Covid-19 pandemic. In our Covid-19 Resource Center, you can find the news coverage, podcasts, case studies, and videos related to the pandemic.

You can find our full coverage of Covid-19 news in the resource center, but here are some highlights of our news coverage from 2020:

Jan. 17: Bulletin: Coronavirus Reaches U.S. and CDC Expands Airport Screenings

Feb. 15: Covid-19: HHS Joins CDC Warning U.S. to Prepare for Outbreaks

Feb. 27: Covid-19: U.S. Sees First Case of Community Spread

March 11: PANDEMIC!

April 12: Covid-19: ’The U.S. Squandered Its Time’

May 5: Covid-19: AMA Condemns Racism, Xenophobia in Regard to Pandemic

May 18: Covid-19: Moderna’s Tease of Early Vaccine Data Elicit’s Stock Surge

June 18: Covid-19: FDA Warns Companies Selling Antibody Tests

July 7: Breaking Covid-19: Hydroxychloroquine Down But Not Yet Out?

July 23: Covid-19: Another Fail for Hydroxychloroquine

Aug. 3: AMA Goes Social with #MaskUp Campaign

Aug. 27: Covid-19: CDC Updates Testing Guidance and AMA Gasps

Sep. 8: AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine Trial Halted by Adverse Event Report

Oct. 13: Covid-19: Johnson & Johnson Vax Trial Paused

Dec. 12: FDA Issues EUA for Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine

Dec. 18: FDA Issues EUA for Second Covid-19 Vaccine

Feb. 27: FDA Issues EUA for Johnson & Johnson Single-Shot Vaccine

March 8, 2021: Covid-19: CDC Issues Guidance for Those Fully Vaccinated

You’ll also find our Special Considerations videos and podcasts in our resource center. Covid-19 has not left a medical specialty untouched or unharmed — here, we speak to experts on how Covid-19 has changed clinical care.

Some examples include:

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Special Considerations: A Patient’s Perspective on Covid-19— Deb’s Journey

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